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Also known as a nine-yard outfit, a saree or sari is a popular Indian garment that is basically a piece of cloth that is wrapped around the body with one of the ends draped on a shoulder. This outfit is usually worn with a blouse and a petticoat. Also, when teamed up with appropriate accessories like jewelry, footwear, and others, looks even more gorgeous. This was the very first type of clothing that began to be used by females to cover their bodies.

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Where Did Saree Originate From?

The word ‘saree’ or ‘sari’ originated from the Sanskrit word ‘satika’ which means ‘a piece of cloth’ and this was mentioned in the earliest Hindu literature as women’s attire. This type of drapery has its history in the Indus Valley Civilization and has undergone many transformations since then. Different styles of draping a saree have come up now.

How to Style Saree?

With the passage of time, fashion has evolved much and taken new forms. Even though the saree is a traditional outfit but many modern twists have been added to the way it is worn by women all over India. As a matter of fact, not only in India but it is being used as a fashion outfit by people of foreign countries as well.

A sari can be draped in various styles and these styles differ on the basis of occasion as well as culture. Some of these styles include Gujrati style draping, Bengali style draping, Marathi style draping, and many more. Also, the fact that modern women prefer to add that western touch to it, it is sometimes also carried as an Indo-western outfit. A perfect example of it is the ready-to- wear a sari skirt that comes with a blouse and saves you from the effort of draping it on your own.

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What Fabrics Does Saree Available in?

As diverse as the styling of sarees so is their fabric. Some common fabrics which are used to weave saree consist of Banarasi Silk, Net, Organza, Gadwal, and the list are endless. Depending upon the occasion and weather, one can decide which fabric to go for.

How To Accessorize A Saree?

Along with choosing and styling saris, a major step that elevates the entire look of the outfit is the choice of rightful accessories. Keeping in mind the changing fashion game, it has become mandatory to be at par with it. Gone are the days when simple gold, silver, or diamond jewelry were the only options to go with sarees.

In modern times, one has several options like oxidized jewelry, artificial diamond jewelry, Kundan set, artificial pieces, and much more. This is not just confined to adding up jewelry, but also be paired with a matching hand clutch, hair pins, bangles, footwear, and so on.

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What Blouse Options Are Available?

The pattern of the blouse also impacts the look of saris, which is why many people choose to go for sleeveless or backless ones, while others prefer full-sleeved ones or half/quarter sleeved lengths. Also, the embroidery on the blouse enhances its quality manifolds. Some females have also started styling their drapes with turtle necks and crop tops.

What Makeup to Choose?

As the present scenario is all about ‘less is more’, nude makeup is mostly preferred with drapes these days. However, depending upon personal choices, one can go for a combination of a dark lip and neutral eyes or neutral lips and smoky eyes.

How to Maintain Saree?

Maintenance of any outfit majorly depends upon its fabric and the same is the case with a nine-yard outfit. Different fabrics like silk, crepe, cotton, brocade, organza, etc. require a different type of maintenance. Another factor that must be kept in mind is the kind of work, embroidery, or embellishments that are added to the material.

For example, heavily embroidered ones and the ones with delicate fabric are needed to be dry-cleaned while the cotton ones can be machine-washed. Ironing them or getting them ironed also keeps their quality intact for a longer time. The beauty of any attire entirely depends on how well you carry it. Wearing anything with confidence enhances the look of it a hundred times and also adds to the beauty of the wearer.

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