How To Choose The Perfect Lehangas According To Your Personality

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Choosing a perfect Bridal Lehangas for your wedding event will attract everyone, and your beauty will shine even more and look admirable. It is a moment in everyone’s life that takes a new path of happiness. The dress you wear to that event should be a beautiful one which has to bring out happiness in your mind and heart. Besides, the bride’s makeover and dressings are a beautiful wonder awaited by all. Confusion about what type of design and color to choose for that incredible event is one that every bride has. Moreover, you have to consider how the dress suits your personality. Everyone’s looks are different and without considering dress does not make you look good. Here are some useful tips for choosing them.

How To Choose Lehangas For Different Types Of Skin Tone

Generally, the most important thing to do while choosing any dress is to see how well it matches your body color. A few women don’t know how to pick clothes according to their skin tone. Have you ever noticed? When you wear certain clothes, you feel like your face is glowing. The main reason is that you pick a dress according to your body color, it makes you more beautiful. Especially, if it comes to weddings, every woman thinks to make herself a princess. It is only possible through the best outfit, and you may be one of them read the below lines.

Pale Warm Skin

Women with warm undertones should avoid brown and gray color lehangas for their weddings or any special event. If you are a pale warm skin tone person, you should avoid these colors from your list. For instance, if you look at various heroine outfits in the film or else, you will get clear this very well. So choose and wear clothes like raspberry pink, bright shades of blue and pink, wine, emerald green, and midnight blue. These are suitable for fair-skinned person and make them shine in all events. Besides, softer pastel hues like peach, light pink, and mint green colored dresses add to your beauty even more while wearing them.

For Medium Skin Tone

Brides with wheatish skin tones need to consider a few things while choosing a Lehanga for their functions. This skin tone bride surely has to choose warm and earthier colors, these are ideal. With this in mind, choose the colors like orange, yellow, red, hot pink, peach, and coral. When you dress up like these, you will look like a beauty queen that will catch your groom’s eye without blinking. As with the above-mentioned colors, dusty pink and royal blue rather than midnight blue also make you look as great. You should always be clear about what not to wear as well as what color clothes to wear. So avoid beige, grey, deep green, purple, and violet. They make you dark and dull.

Dark Or Dusky Like Olive

Are you a beautiful bride with a dusky skin tone? You should definitely make your look attractive and to be sexy with splendid choices of colors & designs. Right-color dresses only give you the most presentable beautiful appearance in front of everyone. Everyone has a misconception that Patels are not suitable for dark skin. But it actually can make a bride look gorgeous if you ensure the Pastel pink, mint green, burnt orange, peach, and emerald green. Your arrival will be noticed by everyone when you choose such colorful lehangas. What you should pay more attention to is avoid colors like maroon, wine, and neon. Ultra-bright colors are not a good solution for the olive-skin tone bride.

How To Choose A Lehanga Style As Per The Bride’s Personality

Most women chooses the wedding dress as per their wishes may some women wear clothes that fit and cover their whole body, some people choose small, tight and soft, etc. All depend on their comfort and according to their wishes. Below are lines about that,

Fitness Bride

If you are a woman who loves fitness and health, you can select contrasting clothes that highlight your body structure, chiselled abs also curve. Also, opt for a minimal flare to make your figure beautifully show off. Many Lehangas choli in different styles you can design with the best designer for your figure. Through them, you can get your bridal dress perfectly.

The Trendy Love Bride

Brides with fashion trend love have to opt for trendy colors and designs. Choosing trendy clothes with new fashionable dresses captivates others to look at you as their pioneer for fashion. Your attire has to be in the trendiest colors, fabrics, and silhouettes.

Traditional Loving Bride

Usually few brides always avoid fashionable and figure-show-off clothes. Cause they like traditional culture style wedding clothes to wear very much. When you are the bride who opts for simple, traditional Lehanga is better that suit you well. But you have to avoid blingy or bright colors and choosing subtle colors sure to team with heavy jewelry to balance your look.

How To Choose Lehanga According To The Body Types

Before buying a Lehanga for plus size or small, you have to identify your body type. So only you can pick a perfect lehanga choli that makes you look gorgeous.

Apple-Shaped Or Inverted Triangle Body– Layered and flowy lehanga skirt is an excellent choice. You will be perfect if you ensure a ruffled or flared lehanga with a jacket or peplum top.

Rectangle-Shaped Body-Pick an A-line lehangas or high-waisted skirt with cropped tops if you have an H-shaped or a rectangular body,

Pear-Shaped– Choose the flared lehengas with a top-heavy pattern, it brings out the beauty of your arms & clavicles.

Hourglass- Shaped– This kind of bride can choose various styles, and everything suits well with you. Particularly, a fishtail type or a lehenga saree is the finest choice for you.

Conclude Words

To wrap things up, you will get an idea to select the right kind of outfit for your special day. Various designers and shops bring plenty of collections but Siya Fashion is good to go with. Pick your perfect bridal lehanga to make you more beautiful at the event. Hope this article helps you to select bridal dress easily without any doubts.

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