10 Fashionable Ethnic Dresses for Women to up the Style Quotient

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Did you know that the saree ranks as the fifth-best traditional garment in the world? Our traditional Indian ethnic dresses for women, including the saree, salwar kameez, kurta pajamas, and other clothes, are well-known worldwide for both men and women. Indian traditional and ethnic clothing best depicts our culture.
The way to represent your love for India’s rich past and culture is through various women ethnic wear. The 28 states that make up the nation are a melting pot of cultures, each with a unique perspective on attire and accessories. In India, traditional dress varies every few kilometers, just like languages.

The Best Types of Ethnic Dresses for Women

Traditional clothing still has enough spark to feel ultra-chic, exquisite, and make you seem angelic, despite some people mistaking it for outdated fashion. There are plenty of options, from stylish kurtas for everyday wear to sarees complimenting your contours. The Indian fashion industry is constantly developing and getting better every day. Women’s ethnic clothing is available in various styles and designs. The following are some popular ethnic clothing styles:

1. Lehenga-Choli for Women

Lehenga-Choli for Women

The lehenga-choli or lehenga blouse is India’s oldest form of traditional garment, and it is one of the best ethnic dresses for weddings. It is a two-piece ethnic outfit that consists of a crop top-style blouse and an embroidered long skirt. To complete a classic ethnic style, a lehenga-choli and matching dupatta should be worn.
Lehengas are typically made of light cotton, chiffon, or net. It has excellent stitching and a lovely sequenced design. On the other hand, the set’s choli or blouse is typically made with delicate fabrics like silk or other simple materials. There are numerous patterns for the lehenga-choli, including floral prints and pastel hues. By wearing the dupatta in various ways, you can give your lehenga-choli a saree, a ghagra, or the maiden look.

2. Saree for Women

Saree for Women

Sarees are the most popular Indian women’s clothing. It is a long piece of clothing that completes the traditional look by being wrapped around the waist and slung over the shoulder. Sarees are frequently made of various materials, including cotton, silk, georgette, chiffon, and many more. Sarees can also be found in patterns, including printed, embroidered, sequenced, net, and other motifs.
Sarees generally come in free size and a matching blouse piece. To complete an ethnic look, sarees can be accessorized with a clutch, a set of matching earrings, bangles, and light makeup. All these factors made the saree the best Indian ethnic wear for women, and the saree will rock the top position for a long time.

3. Kurtis for Women


Kurtis is a fantastic option for younger, more urban ladies who want to simultaneously seem both ethnic and fashionable, unlike other traditional ethnic attires. Therefore, one needs a collection of kurtas for everyday wear and important events. Kurtis comes in various styles, including Anarkali, A-line, long, and side-slit. In addition, the Kurtis typically come in sizes XS to XXL.
A-line kurtas are easy to style and flatter every body type thanks to their cut and style. You can accessorize your Kurti look with basic leggings, chic pants, or palazzo pants. Pastel-hued A-line kurtas make for stylish business attire when worn with straight cotton pants. For special events, choose silk kurtas with vibrantly colored embroidery and match them with pants in a metallic color.

4. Salwar Kameez for Women

Salwar Kameez for Women

A lehenga never lets you down, and it is one of the most adorned Indian ethnic dresses for women, whether for your favorite holiday or your best friend’s wedding. They are made up of a lovely skirt, an attractive dupatta, and a matching blouse. Lehengas remain one of the appealing go-to ethnic garments for important occasions, despite being redefined over the years.
It comes in various fabrics, including cotton, chiffon, etc., and floral, embroidered, printed, and digital prints, among other patterns and motifs. Depending on your tastes, they come in various sizes to give your salwar kameez a more genuine traditional ethnic appeal. Accessorize it with chunky jewelry and silver bangles for a sparkler look.

5. Kurta Set with Jacket

Look at kurta sets with jackets if you want something classy. For formal events, kurta sets with long, fitted jackets are ideal. The suit is stylish and can get you to your best friend’s engagement celebration from the office. For a thinner look, choose kurta sets with straight-fit pants and pair them with stilettos or open-toed heels. For a rich aesthetic, we advise using sets made of silk or jacquard.
Long Kurtis are known for their elegance, and the proper style can be your closest friend. Kurtis for parties and casual patterned Kurtis can be found in the lengthy pattern. You can select them in various fabrics and savor their elegant design. The best part is that you get to pick the slit and length.

6. Tunic for Women

Young girls typically wear tunics, a cross between a top and a Kurti, to give them an ethnic appearance. Tunics resemble short Kurtis but have a more fashionable cut, pattern, and style. It has various designs, including A-line, embroidered, boho fit, floral prints, and shirt patterns.

When paired with well-fitting jeans or pants, a tunic has a very authentically Indo-Western appearance. To complete your Indo-ethnic look, accessorize your tunic with chunk silver or German silver jewelry.

7. Palazzo Pants

Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are becoming more popular in bottom-wear attire, and they have made a powerful comeback and now hold a permanent position. Everyone admires bottom clothing that is unique, fashionable, and bohemian.
Palazzo pants are a must-have item in every ethnic wardrobe. They have a fitted waistband and a flared bottom that ends at the ankles. They are pretty comfy and go well with short and long kurtas and crop tops. Palazzo pants are available in plain and printed styles in materials like chiffon, silk, cotton, and nylon. We advise pairing black palazzo pants with an orange silk Kurti with embroidery for a pleasing appearance.

8. Angrakha Salwar Suit

Are you looking for ethnic attire to make you the center of attention at your upcoming ethnic event? You might decide on an Angrakha outfit. In the sixteenth century, royal court members wore these ethnic outfits. The attire consists of a long gown wrapped around the waist from one shoulder. These suits ooze style and sophistication. You can buy women’s shoes to match the outfit and complete the final look with minimal jewelry.

9. Sharara Suit

Sharara suits have a long history that dates to the Mughal Empire but recently made a comeback. One of the popular ethnic outfits for ladies is the pants-style salwar suit. The outfit consists of a short kurta, matching dupatta, and heavily flared pants. These clothes are pretty beautiful and are ethnic dresses for women for weddings and ideal for big events. They are the perfect ethnic clothing for girls at weddings and festivals. They go well with various women’s shoes, including wedges and heels.

10. Patiala Suit

Patiala Suit

Chic Patiala suits let you proudly display your love for designer ethnic dresses for women. These salwar suits are distinctly ethnic and flatter all body types. The outfit consists of a loose pair of slacks with carefully embroidered pleats and a Kurti. They can be worn for casual and festive situations and are available in various materials and styles. Style the suits with a side braid and a bold lip for a traditional desi look.

The Final Word

The above Top 10 list comprises some of the most well-known Indian ethnic and traditional attire. Women dress in various sets and styles of traditional clothing that can be used for multiple events. You can get a hold of your desired ethnic dresses for women online with the best shopping websites. These outfits might guide your decision over what to wear to your upcoming traditional family event. No matter how at ease or grateful we are in western clothing, our traditional Indian ethnic clothing makes us appear our finest.

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