8 Best Party Wear Saree to Rock Any Special Occasion

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When anyone invites us to a party, we all know how our minds start wondering what to wear for the party. You want to look put-together, but you don’t want to go with some out-of-style themes. So, whether you have been invited to a wedding or a cocktail party, the timeless saree is one dress that will live up to your expectations. As we all know, party wear saree new designs have evolved to keep up with changing fashion trends. The latest party wear sarees have all the glitz and attractive silhouettes that lay elegantly on your curves, so there’s no reason not to wear them to your next party event. The following are the best party wear saree designs and some stylish tips on wearing a party saree suitable for any occasion.

Party Wear Saree

These are the 8 Best Party Wear Saree Looks to Suit Every Occasion

Here is a fashion cheat sheet to assist you in selecting the most beautiful party wear sarees that will make you stand out at any party

1. Belted up saree

Belted up saree

Cocktail parties are perfect for this saree design. When you want to add spectacle to your clothing, this is the look to go for. Add a simple solid-coloured belt or a Kamar bandh to dress up your saree. To finish the appearance, add an off-shoulder blouse to your saree.

2. Dhoti saree

This outfit is ideal for your close friends and family parties. The costume may appear complicated at first appearance, but don’t worry. Leggings can make the outfit simple. It’s incredibly trendy, and you can pull it off with a simple yet right piece of jewellery.

3. Floral saree

Floral patterned sarees have always been famous for their relaxing and youthful appeal. Wearing floral printed sarees to a casual party with your friends or a birthday party for one of your loved ones will be a great choice. These sarees emit new vibes to put you in the party spirit and keep you active all day.

4. Ruffle saree

Ruffle saree

Another saree outfit that’s hot right now. This saree style can add grand illusion and drama to your attire. This saree outfit is appropriate for any event. It’s suitable for your closest friend’s party and other family gatherings. This outfit can be completed with only a few pieces of jewellery.

5. Indo-western saree

Indo-western sarees bridge the gap between practicality and style by combining ready-to-wear sarees with a dash of an ethnic pattern. These sarees are intended for special occasions such as parties, celebrations, and magnificent events that call for opulence. So, give a classic Indo-western saree a try, and we are confident you will be impressed by its luxury.

6. Georgette saree

Georgette saree

This calming green party wear saree is ideal for daytime occasions. It’s a lovely saree with subtle border embroidery and a beautiful golden lace border. The actual mirrors sewn on the border give your outfit the right sheen. Wear it with a golden Banarasi or a Jacquard blouse to light the mint green colour.

7. Frills saree

A white party wear saree with frills never goes out of style because it attracts attention and fits almost everyone. This season’s market trends include limitless draping styles and unique borders. It would be best if you really had this in your wardrobe. This saree with frills has a designer vibe, adding more appeal.

8. Traditional saree

Traditional saree

If you want to go with a saree to a party while also showing off your traditional designs, this is one of the best options. This saree’s fantastic pattern on the Pallu area and the front and sides is incredibly appealing to women. The designs are so attractive that even those with a basic understanding of sarees can appreciate their beauty.

Tips on Styling Your Party Wear Saree

Now that we have jogged down all the best party saree looks, it is time to add some accessories to achieve a perfect party look. Here are some tips through which you can also glam up your party saree without much effort.

1. Necklace


Depending on the colour of your border, you can select a neckpiece. This will immediately draw attention to your attire, making it look sleek and beautiful. If you’re wearing a plain and light saree, a hefty neckpiece will look great with it.

2. Bangles

You can wear gold, silver, or multicoloured bangles with your saree. Wear bangles on both arms if you want to go the classic route. Alternatively, try the modern trend of wearing too many bangles in one hand.

3. Tiny handbags

Tiny handbags

Have you ever noticed the saree’s accompanying small, beautiful purses or clutches? If you feel comfortable wearing them with your saree, you can choose such handbags. They are available in many colours and make-up for a great party wear saree design.

4. Designer blouse

You can dress up in a plain saree by pairing it with a stunning designer blouse. You can choose from a range of ready-to-wear blouses, including sequined and colourful blouses. And when you put these two together, you’ll look like a Bollywood star.

5. Footwear

A good pair of heels go well with a saree. Whether you are tall or not, a good pair of heels are required. You can choose from a variety of possibilities these days. Choose a pair of heels that are both attractive and comfy.

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1. How to choose a party wear saree?

The saree cloth should be chosen according to the party’s season. If the celebration is in the winter, heavier fabrics like silk and brocade are appropriate. In contrast, light fabrics like net, chiffon, and georgette are better selections for summer parties.

2. Which colour saree is best for a party?

When it comes to weddings, golden coloured sarees are the refined royal choices. The top fashion designers stick to their heritage by creating a variety of elegant dresses in golden silk. If you wish to dazzle, the bright golden coloured party wear silk is just what you need.

3. Which saree is best for a night party?

For special occasions or evening gatherings, you can choose rick silk sarees like Banarasi, Mysore, and Kancheepuram silk sarees. These sarees require very little accessorizing and are suitable for women of all ages.

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